All of our massages are generally a blend of techniques that custom fit the client's needs. However, certain therapists will be able to focus more on specific styles if you prefer. These are some examples:

  • *Therapeutic-a combination of many techniques that cater to your specific needs and emphases in stress-reduction and relaxation. 

  • *Neuromuscular-compliments deep tissue work, enhances range of motion and effectively loosens muscle attachments in joints.

  • *Swedish-tends to be lighter to medium pressure with lots of flow and relaxing movements. 

  • *Sports-can be lighter or deeper depending on if the athlete is post event or in the middle of training. 

  • *Pregnancy-we have a great pregnancy pillow that allows you to lay face down! It takes the pressure of of breasts and tummy for maximum melting ability.

  • *Reflexology-focuses on feet and lower legs, targeting trigger and reflexology points that refer to your body. Basically a great foot massage. 

  • *Thai-Nicole performs many techniques similar or base off of Thai massage. Lots of stretching and movement. 

  • *Deep Tissue-a slow, deep, and intentional massage that singles out certain problem areas from injury or postural patterns. 

  • *Hot Stone-We use very warm local Tahoe and river stones to warm up your body and combine with a relaxing massage. 

Couples Massage

Two people are more than welcome to come in together to receive a massage at the same time, however please specify if you’d like to be in the same room or not. Same room (“couples”) massages are an addition $5per massage. They take place in our biggest room, the Tipi Room, if available.


Aromatherapy Treatment

Relaxing Aromatouch- Aromatouch is a gentle, clinical application of high-quality doTerra essential oils to the spinal column. We use 8 oils promoting immunity, anti-inflammation, homeostasis, and stress relief. The flow of the therapists hands in combination with deeply medicinal essential oils helps you relax and soak in the health benefits. The treatment is about 30 minutes with 5 minutes to take your time getting off the table and breathing in the oils.  

Reiki Therapy

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement meant for everyone. It has been shown to be effective in helping virtually every known illness and ailment and has beneficial effects. It works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery. A treatment feels like a serene glowing radiance flowing through and around you and leaves you feeling relaxed, peaceful, and secure 


For reservations or information:

As we do not yet have online scheduling, please call the office to book an appointment and one of our therapists will gladly get back to you when they are out of session.

(530) 550-9910

For general inquiries email:

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