A place to unwind, reset, and heal.


Truckee Massage was established in 1999 and was purchased and owned by Gale Klenk from 2001-2018. Over the years, Truckee Massage has developed a stunning reputation for high quality massage work at a reasonable price. It is currently owned by Kendra Cromwell, a local of North Lake Tahoe, and she is excited to continue the legacy that Gale built from the ground. There are currently six massage therapists who bring an array of massage techniques to the table to provide bodywork that will cater to every client’s personal needs. The main goal of Truckee Massage is delivering professional and effective bodywork. This includes healing and preventing injuries, pain management, decreasing stress levels, bringing awareness to our lifestyle habits and how they affect our bodies, and relieving general physical and emotional tension. 

Truckee Massage has a small selection of essential oils, ethical handmade local and international jewelry and artisan handicrafts. We intend to expand and improve the selection by introducing more local artisans’ handicrafts as well as additional handmade body care products.


Handmade recycled bicycle tires made in Vermont. 10% of proceeds benefit a women's empowerment program, Cafe Femenino, in top-producing coffee countries.