For reservations or information:

As we do not have a receptionist, please contact one of your favorite therapists personally or call our office to schedule an appointment. We are by appointment only, so when one of our therapists gets out of session, she will be more than happy to return your call. Online scheduling coming soon! Thank you for your patience.

(530) 550-9910

 In-Office Massage:

30 minutes: $55 

45 minutes: $70 

60 minutes: $85 

75 minutes: $100 

90 minutes: $115 

105 minutes: $140

120min: $165


Prenatal + $10 (75min minimum suggested time)

Hot stone + $15 (75min minimum suggested time)

“Couples Massage” +$10 ($5 each massage)

Essential Oils + $5-$10 (5 to 10 drops of 1-2 doTerra oils of your choice places long back of spine, temples, and/or bottom of feet)

CBD Tease: + $10-$15 (a small spoonful of one of our CBD salves will be used on your most pain-effected area of your body)

Sunburn Savior: + $10 (a homemade remedy created by the owner found to immensly help sunburns recover fast and help prevent future pealing and pain. We are doing a trial run at the office to see if it helps clients and they like it. If so, we will provide for resale. Please let us know what you think! Ingredients: Fractionated coconut oil (MCT), Aloe vera, Vitamin E oil, doTERRA Essential oils of Lavender, Melaleuca (tea tree), Eucalyptus, and a touch of Frankincense).

Aromatouch Treatment 

35minutes: $50

added on to the beginning or end of any massage: $45

Outcall Rates (add $45)

We can provide massages in the comfort of your own home.

60 minutes -   $130

75 minutes -   $145

90 minutes -   $160

105 minutes - $185

120 minutes - $210

We also provide On-Site Chair Massage. We can come to your business or next event. Group rates are available. Please call for pricing.

COMING SOON: This spring we would like to offer a CBD full body massage, mixing high quality CBD salves with massage lotion to help ease pain, soreness, and inflammation. In the meantime, you can add on a CBD teaser to see if you enjoy the product!